About MMA Foundations

MMA Foundations, a Chennai based construction firm was founded in the year 2010. Being Connected with Chennai we have absorbed its culture and heritage to create strong values and virtues. Our philosophy of continuous improvement is built into our people and processes, ensuring that the best practices we've learnt from past projects contribute to the satisfaction of current and future demands of our clients. This process of continuous improvement makes us a dynamic company; constantly upgrading our construction techniques, design materials, specifications, amenities and customer support in order to provide our clients with home of unmatched quality.

We at MMA Foundations are of the firm belief that the quality of our construction must enrich the quality of the customers' life. Hence, our emphasis has always been on effective space utilization, superior craftsmanship, personal supervision, continuous R&D and exemplary finishes. We always believed that the key to growth lies in harmonious relationships.

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